A Unique Organization

Our Mission is to provide customized employment support services for persons with disabilities.


Employment services range from job readiness training and on-the-job supports to employment search assistance and career building services.


Not only do we offer employment services, but most of our products are manufactured within our building, making this a unique business that offers quality and affordable products that you won’t find anywhere else!

Governing Board

Benjamin G. Davisson, PRESIDENT                       Travis Jones, VICE PRESIDENT

2013-2016; (2016-2019)                                            2015-2018; (2018-2021)


Wendy K. Smith Warden, SECRETARY                    Donald Yoke, TREASURER

2014-2017; (2017-2020)                                            2012-2015; (2015-2018)


Albert N. Cox II                                                          Bryan K. Payne

2017-2020; (2020-2023)                                            2016-2019; (2019-2022)


Mary K. Lindsay                                                        Tom Rhine

2016-2019; (2019-2022)                                            2015-2018; (2018-2021)


Kim Reasor                                                                 Patrick W. Ryan

2016-2019; (2019-2022)                                             2015-2018 (2018-2021)


Wayne C. Smith                                                          Janniece Sleigh, Executive Director

Life Member                                                                 Since 7/2011